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Cape Cod vacations can be quite expensive. Lodging on Cape Cod is not cheap during the summer months. In the Fall you may save a few bucks and enjoy a less crowded Cape Cod. Summer Rentals are very popular here for a summer getaway and prices can range from as low as $600/week to well over $6,000/week depending on whether you are looking to rent a cottage or a waterfront “trophy home”.

There are a few ways to save some money when vacationing on the Cape. Most restaurants and attractions offer coupons or discounts if you know where to look. There used to be few websites where you could print Cape Cod coupons, but they seem to be having problems.

Most of the tourist guides have coupons in them for dining and attractions. These guidebooks can be obtained at just about any hotel lobby, at most restaurants, or at the chamber of commerce. The display racks for the guidebooks often have coupon racks. A couple coupon books to be on the lookout for are The Original Cape Cod Fun Book and the Cape Cod coupon book. Both of these are loaded with several hundreds of dollars in money saving coupons. The Best Read Guide Cape Cod also has some Cape coupons in it.

There are many things you can do on your Cape Cod vacation that do not cost anything and can be very enjoyable. Two that come to mind are fishing and beachcombing. You may even be able to purchase your own Cape Cod house if you are lucky enough to find a piece of ambergris while strolling the sands of the Cape.

Visiting the Cape’s many antique shops is also a low cost activity, unless of course you see something you just have to buy. wink

Have fun and don’t break the bank.

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Cape Cod Daily Deals & Coupons

Cape Cod Coupons & Daily Deals. Big Savings & Great Deals

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Cape Coupons

Find bargains, coupons, discounts and other way to save money on your Cape Cod vacation.


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